My favorite insta posts of the month

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This became my new wallpaper on whatsapp. It helps me with some messages I get. 

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I loved this post. It reminded me a lot at one post I’ve written here on veganhappyplace:

Why is it so hard to only eat when you’re hungry? I actually know it and yet my every day life let’s me act like I have never heard about this method. So when I saw this insta post I got motivated again to be a bit more thoughtful and controlled about my food decisions and my eating habits.

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YES YES YES YES! All those discussions about mock meat. WHO CARES? It needs to be tasty. And yes, I’m a great advocate for healthy food, but in terms of junk food I think it should stay junk food and also taste this way. If it happens to actually be healthy and taste like the “real stuff” – even better! But veganism doesn’t necessarily mean to only eat healthy food. It means not eating animal products because you care about animals and the earth. And with mock meat it’s possible to enjoy the burgers you loved without having killed an animal for it.

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Ahhhhh. This food. This tempeh. Just looked way too delicious to be true. So obviously I had to post it here. Check out frommybowl’s insta and youtube channel. She has so many delicious recipes. Mouthwatering. I promise.

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To honor my home country. The last post in Swiss-German. It says: “I only want money. No Job. – It’s not like that’s a lot I’m asking for, isn’t it?”

Jeps. Those are the vibes going through my body cells this month. Anyone wants to give me some money? Like.. as a gift?