Letting go of things I don’t need

Currently I feel like I’m drowing in all my belongings. That’s why I startet to declutter. Mostly I said goodbye to my clothes, but I’m also trying to look at all my other stuff with the main question in my head: “Do I really need this?”.

Whether I “need” something or not shouldn’t mean not to enjoy something or not to buy anything at all, but my goal is to own (at some point) only things I really USE. So I still might have a ton of dishes, but if I use all of them, it’s fine with me.
With my clothes it’s quite easy:

Have I worn this? Yes –> I’ll keep it. // No –> I get rid of it.

But with other stuff it’s way more difficult especially when there are emotions attached to the object. But as I said, my goal is to keep and own only things that I need and use. I don’t want to define my happiness through material stuff in order to focus on the really important things in life and to enjoy every moment life gives me.

I already gave a way a looooot of clothes, but the amount of clothes I own seems to be infinitive (even though I never seem to have anything I can wear). So the decluttering is more like a continuous process instead of a “I get rid of all of it NOW”-thing .

So today during doing my laundry I already sorted out some clothes:

I donate my clothes, but I try to sell other stuff (things that are brand new and still quite valuable), so I can save the money I made to use it for travel and real life experiences. I already sold some bags and electronic devices.

As I mentioned in another blog (plastic /sustainability) I’m also in the process of swapping everything possible into more sustainable versions, so I don’t have to spend money on a regular basis if it also would work out with a one-time payment and of course to get rid of plastic in my household.

Letting go of things gives me the feeling of freedown and clears my head and mind. Right now I don’t aim to live a complete minimalist lifestyle, but I’m really leaning towards it.