What I eat on the airplane – travel edition

So my boyfriend and I just flew to Bali. We ordered vegan meals for all the flights (we had two: 6 hour flight and 10 hour flight) and this is what we got:

First they served us drinks and snacks. So I enjoyed a tomato juice. Unfortunately the snacks weren’t vegan so my bf ate both of them. 🙂 We prepared some avocado sandwiches for the trip so we had more than enough food for the journey.

Our first meal was reaaaaaaallly tasty! It was rice with vegetables and a sweet sour sauce accompanied with a salad and fresh fruit. And banana chips!!

The food on the other flight wasn’t as yummy. It was microwave prepackaged food and reminded me a lot of the orange is the new black prison canteen. It was rice with tofu and grated ginger but with a weird consistency. The second food was actually quite good, I can’t describe what it exactly was: a sort of giant falafel with beans/corn and some sort of naan bread.

Throughout the whole flight we could order various snacks and beverages. But we didn’t as we also had our sandwiches. Overall I’m pretty happy with the food we had during the flight. Definitely could have been worse plus we NEVER were hungry.

When we arrived at our hotel we were welcomed with a fruit platter and cold drinks.

And for dinner we had vegetable curry, fresh tropical fruit and some sort of banana stew.

I’m excited for tomorrow’s food!😊😊

What I eat in a day – On the road

Today I’ll show you what my bf and I ate during a trip to Mulhouse (France).

For breakfast we had freshly pressed orange juice, coconut yogurt with blueberries and some veggies with hummus. Unfortunately we were so hungry, I haven’t had the chance to take a picture of it.

But I do have a picture of some of the food I bought for the trip.

At first we had a nice cup of tea in the center of Mulhouse.

Then we visited the “cité du train” – Europe’s largest train museum! It was really impressive to see all those different types of trains.

But walking around all the time made us pretty hungry and we enjoyed our lunch burritos! I made exotic burritos with hummus, avocado, mango, peppers, guacamole, coriander. Also we had the rest of the veggies and a cookie for dessert.

For dinner we found a cute vegan organic restaurant! It’s called ” Eve au paradis vegan” at “14 Rue des Trois Rois”.

I had a burger with fries and my bf had a ‘tarte flambée’. Both really delicious.

We spent the night in Mulhouse and searched for breakfast in a French supermarket – really difficult with my ambition for clean healthy vegan food. But it’s always fun to accept the challenge and it’s even more fun when I actually find something. 🙂

Songs and series that keep me motivated during studying

I have an exam next week, so I’m learning all day long. I don’t dislike all the studying, but I definitely like my BREAKS more! 😀 So I’m listing you 13 songs I really like and Netflix series I’m currently into. They kind of give me a reason to learn (because then I allow myself to make another break and continue with NETFLIX.)


FYI: Don’t be confused.I listen to pretty much all genres of music.

This one actually is for studying. I looooooove classic // piano and instrumental music in general for studying.

Netflix series

And I’m desperately waiting for more episodes of:

  • the good place
  • easy
  • atypical

What are you listening to // watching at the moment?

Letting go of things I don’t need

Currently I feel like I’m drowing in all my belongings. That’s why I startet to declutter. Mostly I said goodbye to my clothes, but I’m also trying to look at all my other stuff with the main question in my head: “Do I really need this?”.

Whether I “need” something or not shouldn’t mean not to enjoy something or not to buy anything at all, but my goal is to own (at some point) only things I really USE. So I still might have a ton of dishes, but if I use all of them, it’s fine with me.
With my clothes it’s quite easy:

Have I worn this? Yes –> I’ll keep it. // No –> I get rid of it.

But with other stuff it’s way more difficult especially when there are emotions attached to the object. But as I said, my goal is to keep and own only things that I need and use. I don’t want to define my happiness through material stuff in order to focus on the really important things in life and to enjoy every moment life gives me.

I already gave a way a looooot of clothes, but the amount of clothes I own seems to be infinitive (even though I never seem to have anything I can wear). So the decluttering is more like a continuous process instead of a “I get rid of all of it NOW”-thing .

So today during doing my laundry I already sorted out some clothes:

I donate my clothes, but I try to sell other stuff (things that are brand new and still quite valuable), so I can save the money I made to use it for travel and real life experiences. I already sold some bags and electronic devices.

As I mentioned in another blog (plastic /sustainability) I’m also in the process of swapping everything possible into more sustainable versions, so I don’t have to spend money on a regular basis if it also would work out with a one-time payment and of course to get rid of plastic in my household.

Letting go of things gives me the feeling of freedown and clears my head and mind. Right now I don’t aim to live a complete minimalist lifestyle, but I’m really leaning towards it.

Top 5 quotes of May

From time to time I collect quotes I really like. Those words have a big inspirational and motivational effect on me. Each month I’ll post what I’ve liked the most. So here are my favorite quotes of May.


*Trying to please everyonE. 🙂

What I eat in a day 2

The breakfast (fruits with peanut butter) two days ago was really yummy so today I had the same – but this time with berries and watermelon juice.


For lunch we had burger (beyond meat patties) and fries – and while I love burger and white bread, my skin doesn’t. So I only ate salad and fries.

Ice berg lettuce with cashews, blueberries, fresh herbs from the garden.

Snacks during the day:

Kala Namak toasts again!
Homemade raspberry ice cream.

I slept til 9:30 am, had my breakfast at 10 am and lunch at 2.15 pm – so together with the snacks, there was no room for dinner. That’s mostly because I tried to chew consciously today. I still had the full fealing of satisfaction but definitely ate less than usual. Conclusion; We don’t need as much food as we think we do (and we can still be happy!).

Check out: health-benefits-from-chewing-well

Health benefits from chewing well

We are always on the search of what we could possibly eat to become healthy, slim and good looking. I tell you something: the solution sits right in your mouth. It’s the process of your teeth grinding the incoming food: chewing. It gets way too much underestimated, but it might actually be the solution. I tell you why:

The following two enzymes are released in the mouth because of the saliva:

  • Enzyme alpha-amylase: for the cleavage of carbohydrates
  • Enzyme lipase: for the cleavage of fat molecules

The first step of carbohydrate digestion already takes place in the mouth. While the chemical cleavage of fat and protein only begins in the stomach, the enzymes get released in the mouth, which shows the importance of saliva.


  • The better you chew, the higher the salivary flow.
  • The better you chew, the larger the surface area for the digestive enzymes to attack.
  • The better you chew, the better the carbohydrates in the mouth can be predigested.
  • The better you chew, the more thoroughly the food can be digested in the small intestine.
  • The better you chew, the fewer digestive problems such as flatulence, abdominal pain and cramps occur.
  • The better you chew, the healthier the intestinal environment is and the better nutrients and vital substances can be utilized.
  • The better you chew, the faster the feeling of satiety appears.
  • The better you chew, the less you eat and the more you lose weight.

For every German speaking person out there, the following website is highly recommended by me: https://www.schmauen.com

In general, the aim is to make the process of chewing enjoyable. Maybe at some point I’ll write about it in English. Jürgen Schilling also writes about all the health benefits and how he lost a lot of weight with “schmauen” – the technique he invented. I loved his book and all his tips.

Nevertheless also without “schmauen” you can have success just by chewing better! Try it out – you won’t be disappointed.

Something to think about

“If you believe animals matter morally but you are not vegan, you need to ask yourself why your conduct is not consistent with what you claim to believe.” – Gary L. Francione

And with this quote being said I want to introduce you to the world of morality. The reason why I’m a vegan now.

Most people have the following excuses for not being a vegan:

I really liked this comment from “Nell with an N”underneath the video above: “I have been vegetarian for a year and I thought I would crave meat, but please trust me when I say this, THE MORE YOU THINK ABOUT WHERE IT COMES FROM, THE MORE DISGUSTED YOU BECOME AT EATING IT.”

I think this sums things up really good. I really love(d) cheese. I still think the taste and smell of cheese are G R E A T. But the thought of purulent udders and the conditions in which the animals are forced to live in makes consuming milk and cheese disgusting for me. The cheaper the diary products the more it reminds me of the horrible conditions those animals have to suffer from in order for us humans to make money and to be cheaper than the competition.

So I really encourage you to watch the following video. Ed stands up for animal rights and does educational work referring veganism. In terms of morality and veganism he’s in my opinion one of the best youtuber. He makes various videos about veganism, about morality and shows us impressive street discussions about veganism with pedestrians (like the video above).

I don’t think veganism is about being perfect or being the most moral person ever. No, not at all. But I truly believe that it matters if all of us take the responsibility to our actions and make conscious decisions about our lifestyle. Ignoring facts is easy, ignoring feelings is easy, enjoying chicken nuggets is easy, but it’s not easy at all for a chicken to live all it’s life on a space as big as your hand, only to be killed and eaten a few months later.

I want to end this blog with the following question Ed mentioned in his speech:

“Are my taste buds more important than the life of an animal?”