What I eat in a day – On the road

Today I’ll show you what my bf and I ate during a trip to Mulhouse (France).

For breakfast we had freshly pressed orange juice, coconut yogurt with blueberries and some veggies with hummus. Unfortunately we were so hungry, I haven’t had the chance to take a picture of it.

But I do have a picture of some of the food I bought for the trip.

At first we had a nice cup of tea in the center of Mulhouse.

Then we visited the “cité du train” – Europe’s largest train museum! It was really impressive to see all those different types of trains.

But walking around all the time made us pretty hungry and we enjoyed our lunch burritos! I made exotic burritos with hummus, avocado, mango, peppers, guacamole, coriander. Also we had the rest of the veggies and a cookie for dessert.

For dinner we found a cute vegan organic restaurant! It’s called ” Eve au paradis vegan” at “14 Rue des Trois Rois”.

I had a burger with fries and my bf had a ‘tarte flambée’. Both really delicious.

We spent the night in Mulhouse and searched for breakfast in a French supermarket – really difficult with my ambition for clean healthy vegan food. But it’s always fun to accept the challenge and it’s even more fun when I actually find something. 🙂

What I eat in a day 2

The breakfast (fruits with peanut butter) two days ago was really yummy so today I had the same – but this time with berries and watermelon juice.


For lunch we had burger (beyond meat patties) and fries – and while I love burger and white bread, my skin doesn’t. So I only ate salad and fries.

Ice berg lettuce with cashews, blueberries, fresh herbs from the garden.

Snacks during the day:

Kala Namak toasts again!
Homemade raspberry ice cream.

I slept til 9:30 am, had my breakfast at 10 am and lunch at 2.15 pm – so together with the snacks, there was no room for dinner. That’s mostly because I tried to chew consciously today. I still had the full fealing of satisfaction but definitely ate less than usual. Conclusion; We don’t need as much food as we think we do (and we can still be happy!).

Check out: health-benefits-from-chewing-well

Health benefits from chewing well

We are always on the search of what we could possibly eat to become healthy, slim and good looking. I tell you something: the solution sits right in your mouth. It’s the process of your teeth grinding the incoming food: chewing. It gets way too much underestimated, but it might actually be the solution. I tell you why:

The following two enzymes are released in the mouth because of the saliva:

  • Enzyme alpha-amylase: for the cleavage of carbohydrates
  • Enzyme lipase: for the cleavage of fat molecules

The first step of carbohydrate digestion already takes place in the mouth. While the chemical cleavage of fat and protein only begins in the stomach, the enzymes get released in the mouth, which shows the importance of saliva.


  • The better you chew, the higher the salivary flow.
  • The better you chew, the larger the surface area for the digestive enzymes to attack.
  • The better you chew, the better the carbohydrates in the mouth can be predigested.
  • The better you chew, the more thoroughly the food can be digested in the small intestine.
  • The better you chew, the fewer digestive problems such as flatulence, abdominal pain and cramps occur.
  • The better you chew, the healthier the intestinal environment is and the better nutrients and vital substances can be utilized.
  • The better you chew, the faster the feeling of satiety appears.
  • The better you chew, the less you eat and the more you lose weight.

For every German speaking person out there, the following website is highly recommended by me: https://www.schmauen.com

In general, the aim is to make the process of chewing enjoyable. Maybe at some point I’ll write about it in English. Jürgen Schilling also writes about all the health benefits and how he lost a lot of weight with “schmauen” – the technique he invented. I loved his book and all his tips.

Nevertheless also without “schmauen” you can have success just by chewing better! Try it out – you won’t be disappointed.

1 simple system to loose weight and gain stomach health

6C163AEF-58F0-4001-8596-7C18B28C281BHunger… Do you know that feeling? When was the last time you felt it? Are you sure it was hunger? Or were it your cravings telling your brain you really have to eat now? Or were you just thirsty?

One main problem of nowadays western culture is that food is always and everywhere reachable. Well, that’s not exactly the problem, we are the problem in this case:
We are surrounded by delicious food and our stomach isn’t the only organ that manages our eating times: our eyes, that see those treats and our nose, that smell those treats send messages to our brain and totally confuse it as it frequently receives messages from them instead of our stomach. Our stomach is confused as well, as it isn’t empty a lot of times, quite the opposite: it’s always full. We don’t listen to our stomach’s messages anymore and so we loose our hungry feeling.099D27DA-AE94-4239-B0D9-F1F754D88A22


It’s sad that so many people have problems with the quantity of food they eat, as they don’t know when to start and when to stop. But our body is equipped wonderfully, and hunger is a great signal to tell you when your body requires fuel and when not. It’s like a traffic light telling you when you can put any foods in your mouth and when not:


  • RED: “naah I’m full, don’t you dare put anything more in my mouth, my stomach is still processing the other food! There’s lots of traffic down here!”
  • ORANGE: ” Okay, traffic is better. Still some food down here. I might soon require some more nutrients.”
    FEELING NORMAL, NOT FULL, NOT HUNGRY –> DON’T EAT, but drink lots of WATER when you feel like you could eat something again
  • GREEN: “Streets are empty, give me more, I need some fuel. Give me food or I get grumpy!”
    FEELING HUNGRY–> EAT: slowly. Enjoy it. Be aware of it. STOP when you are full. Do not overeat!

This seems to be pretty easy, but it might actually be really hard. One really has to relearn how to feel hungry. When you are not sure if it’s hunger or not – drink water (no gas) until you feel full. When it’s really hunger than you definitely will feel it and the feeling will remain even if you drink water.



Another problem might be that most of us eat whenever it is the so called ” breakfast -, lunch- or dinner – time”. But how on earth should fixed times know when you are hungry? Nobody and nothing can decide when you should eat. Only your stomach knows when he needs food and when not. Everyday it’s different as our condition changes daily. Some days we work out, and some days we just lie on the couch and do nothing.

It’s easy when you live alone and when you are freelanced and can set your own working times, but most persons are bond to their working times, family, events and so on.. The trick is to know when a meal is planned. For example: If you know you are eating out with a friend tonight: try to eat lunch earlier or try to eat less. And if you start to get hungry-ish again don’t eat anything but drink lots of water! You are your own boss and you are able to stand over your cravings. From time to time you will notice that you’ll loose those cravings, as your body has relearned the feeling of hunger and your brain can fully trust yourself that you are feeling with your stomach and not with your eyes and nose.