My favorite insta posts of the month

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This became my new wallpaper on whatsapp. It helps me with some messages I get. 

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I loved this post. It reminded me a lot at one post I’ve written here on veganhappyplace:

Why is it so hard to only eat when you’re hungry? I actually know it and yet my every day life let’s me act like I have never heard about this method. So when I saw this insta post I got motivated again to be a bit more thoughtful and controlled about my food decisions and my eating habits.

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YES YES YES YES! All those discussions about mock meat. WHO CARES? It needs to be tasty. And yes, I’m a great advocate for healthy food, but in terms of junk food I think it should stay junk food and also taste this way. If it happens to actually be healthy and taste like the “real stuff” – even better! But veganism doesn’t necessarily mean to only eat healthy food. It means not eating animal products because you care about animals and the earth. And with mock meat it’s possible to enjoy the burgers you loved without having killed an animal for it.

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Ahhhhh. This food. This tempeh. Just looked way too delicious to be true. So obviously I had to post it here. Check out frommybowl’s insta and youtube channel. She has so many delicious recipes. Mouthwatering. I promise.

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To honor my home country. The last post in Swiss-German. It says: “I only want money. No Job. – It’s not like that’s a lot I’m asking for, isn’t it?”

Jeps. Those are the vibes going through my body cells this month. Anyone wants to give me some money? Like.. as a gift?

Tiny pasta and sauce!



If you want to cook this recipe you need:


  • garlic (lots of it)
  • onion
  • tomato
  • Italian herbs
  • olive oil
  • eggplant
  • vegetable broth
  • optional: chili, pepper


  • PASTA!

As simple as that! Enjoy!

Tiny edible sandwich! Vegan Minifood!

Check out my new format: Miniature food creations cooked in my tiny kitchen.

Today on the menu:

VEGGIE SANDWICH w/ tahini mustard dressing, caramelized onions, peanut butter and toasted bread.

Enjoy watching your tiny cooking experience and maybe cook it in real life size at home?

Travel Diary – Bali 07/16/19 Uluwatu, GWK Temple

The best experience we had so far was with our private tour guide Addy from! We booked an airport shuttle to our hotel in Nusa Dua through and he was the one waiting for us. He was really patient (it took us forever to leave the airport), but also so friendly and welcoming! It was a nice arrival sitting in his air-conditioned taxi while getting first impressions of Bali. He then told us about his tour guide business. Our previous plan would have been to rent a motor bike and discover the south of bali by ourself, but we were quite overwhelmed when we saw the ongoing traffic and decided to maybe drive in Ubud, but definitely not in Nusa Dua and Kuta. Although it would have been more adventurous we liked the idea of having a guide by ourself showing us Bali’s best to offer. So we decided to do one of Addys tour the next day. Because as jet lagged as we were we didn’t do much besides sleeping and eating the first day of our holiday (07/15/19).

We booked a half day tour with Addy, starting at 2 PM so we spent our morning relaxed, swimming in the hotel’s pool and we also went to the closest mini market to buy a bunch of fruits and water. We also wanted to buy some bread but only found 3 packages of bread. 1 package of white bread, 1 package of white bread without crust and 1 package of multigrain toast bread. This was interesting to see considering 1/5 of a typical European food store is filled with bread. ** Update: We found more bread in a bigger store haha** In the mini market we found the most amazing mangos!!!! I could eat 10 of them every single day!

The first thing we visited during Addy’s tour was the Garuda Wisnu Kencana Cultural Park (GWK). The entrance costed 125’000 IDR / 8.80 CHF per person. Quite expensive or better said prices we are used to pay in Europe. But I really recommend to visit the Park! The statues are so impressive!Here you can learn more about the park and the history behind it: https://www.gwkbali.comThe next stop was the Padang Padang Beach. The entrance costs 15’000 IDR per person / 2.05 CHF. I don’t think it’s the nicest beach to swim but I liked the vibe there. Sellers are offering fresh coconuts (40.000 IDR / 2.80 CHF) and the people are really relaxed. There are also a lot of sneaky monkeys! Cute to watch but very smart! They steal your stuff and trade it in exchange of food!Uluwatu in general is really cool, full of surfers, vegan food and nice and friendly people! After the padang beach we visited the Uluwatu temple. There are a lot of tourists but it’s definitely also worth seeing it!The scenary is just stunning!!
We also watched the Kecak Fire Dance Show. The entrance to the temples costs 50.000 IDR / 3.50 CHF per person and the tickets for the Dance cost another 100.000 IDR / 7 CHF per person. The first part of the show was a bit boring as it is for quite a long time the same to watch, but yet impressive as there are 70 men singing and an amazing scenary!!During the whole trip Addy always drove us to the places telling us interesting stuff about Bali, and then dropped us off at the places and waited the whole time for us, giving us privacy and made our visits really enjoyable! For example he bought the tickets for us at the Uluwatu temple so we had time to take pictures and looking at the temples before the dance started. The whole tour costed 500.000 IDR / 35.25 CHF so practically nothing considering he spent 6.5 h with us, driving us around, waiting for us, giving us the best advice ever. For anyone going to Bali I recommend booking a tour with him! He’s soooooo great!In the evening we ordered delicious vegan food through GOJEK (the best app to order food/ cheap motor bike or cars rides) from Gopal Cafe in Sanur. The Perfect day!

What I eat on the airplane – travel edition

So my boyfriend and I just flew to Bali. We ordered vegan meals for all the flights (we had two: 6 hour flight and 10 hour flight) and this is what we got:

First they served us drinks and snacks. So I enjoyed a tomato juice. Unfortunately the snacks weren’t vegan so my bf ate both of them. 🙂 We prepared some avocado sandwiches for the trip so we had more than enough food for the journey.

Our first meal was reaaaaaaallly tasty! It was rice with vegetables and a sweet sour sauce accompanied with a salad and fresh fruit. And banana chips!!

The food on the other flight wasn’t as yummy. It was microwave prepackaged food and reminded me a lot of the orange is the new black prison canteen. It was rice with tofu and grated ginger but with a weird consistency. The second food was actually quite good, I can’t describe what it exactly was: a sort of giant falafel with beans/corn and some sort of naan bread.

Throughout the whole flight we could order various snacks and beverages. But we didn’t as we also had our sandwiches. Overall I’m pretty happy with the food we had during the flight. Definitely could have been worse plus we NEVER were hungry.

When we arrived at our hotel we were welcomed with a fruit platter and cold drinks.

And for dinner we had vegetable curry, fresh tropical fruit and some sort of banana stew.

I’m excited for tomorrow’s food!😊😊

Banana Shake with homemade oat milk


  • approx. 0,7 l water
  • approx. 130 g oats
  • 5-6 dates
  • 3-4 bananas
  • 1 – 2 tsp vanilla extract


  1. Blend all the ingredients in a high-spend blender.
  2. Don’t blend for too long! Otherwise the banana-milk`s consistency will turn out slimy because of the starch in the oats.
  3. Add more water // dates if you want it to be thinner or sweeter.
  4. Optional: Strain the milk.

If you don’t like the taste of oats: try other another plant milk. Also really tasty with cashews!

Why I became vegan

This is the first story that I have found. As I write about it in “about me” I have had similar experiences as Annette. Check out her blog:

Also check out the other stories that will follow on my “lifestyle” page:

The Broccoli Lobby

Like most children I have always loved animals ever since I can remember.
In fact, everyone I knew claimed to love animals, yet we all ate them, wore them and used them for our entertainment. The paradoxicality of this did not occur to me for many years.

When I was a child the Internet was just becoming a thing, so my main source of information was television and the people (society) around me, and so I entered the world of delusion and almost allowed it to desensitize me. But despite all the conditioning I had this disturbing feeling whenever it came to meat. They could not make me go inside the butcher’s shop and there was a period when I refused to eat meat.

Somehow I got back to ‘normal’ but there were some traumatic experiences which further shaped my perspective, for example I bonded with some chicken and rabbits…

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Stolen Lives

I just came across this AMAZING poem. I don’t even want to write a lot.. just read and let it work its magic on you. This is the every day happening sad truth. Thank you Amanda for writing such a meaningful, awareness spreading poem.