Why I became vegan

This is the first story that I have found. As I write about it in “about me” I have had similar experiences as Annette. Check out her blog: https://broccolilobby.com

Also check out the other stories that will follow on my “lifestyle” page: https://veganhappyplace.org/lifestyle/

The Broccoli Lobby

Like most children I have always loved animals ever since I can remember.
In fact, everyone I knew claimed to love animals, yet we all ate them, wore them and used them for our entertainment. The paradoxicality of this did not occur to me for many years.

When I was a child the Internet was just becoming a thing, so my main source of information was television and the people (society) around me, and so I entered the world of delusion and almost allowed it to desensitize me. But despite all the conditioning I had this disturbing feeling whenever it came to meat. They could not make me go inside the butcher’s shop and there was a period when I refused to eat meat.

Somehow I got back to ‘normal’ but there were some traumatic experiences which further shaped my perspective, for example I bonded with some chicken and rabbits…

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Stolen Lives

I just came across this AMAZING poem. I don’t even want to write a lot.. just read and let it work its magic on you. This is the every day happening sad truth. Thank you Amanda for writing such a meaningful, awareness spreading poem.


Babies in bloodbaths, traumatic blunt force,

innocent blood shed on cold cement floors.

Victims of torture and slaughter and rape,

stuck in a holocaust they can’t escape.

But this isn’t war and it’s not a fair fight,

no Trojan horse showing up in the night.

This is your cheesecake and tiramisu,

the sirloin you eat on holiday, too.

Nuggets, salmon, brisket, and ham,

turkey legs, chicken wings, loins of lamb.

Your cozy wool blanket and sheepskin rug,

the pigs feet you eat while petting your pug.

One life gets loved, another gets stabbed,

and one gets her milk drained out into a vat.

One gets his skin stripped from his bones,

and upholstered to sofas to decorate homes.

His baby is stolen, strung up by his feet,

and butchered apart for his young tender meat.

Mind your dollars and to whom they go,

how they are used best assure that you…

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Homemade Bread

I never make bread with exact quantities of the ingredients, but I simply follow my basic recipe and adapt it: if the dough needs more moisture, then more water or oil is added, etc.


  • spelt flour (ca. 500-800 g)
  • 1 fresh yeast cube
  • 1 tbsp sugar
  • 2-3 tbsp vegetable broth
  • 3-4 tbsp olive oil
  • water


  1. Pour all the flour into a big bowl.
  2. Also add the vegetable broth.
  3. Now dissolve the yeast cube with a bit of warm (not hot!) water and add the sugar. Pour it in the bowl.
  4. Now mix it a bit and then add slowly luke warm water to it. Start with only a bit, knead look if it needs more water, add a bit more etc.
  5. Knead knead knead until it gets smooth.
  6. Let the dough rest for at least 45 min minutes. (the longer the fluffier the bread will be). I sometimes let it rest in the oven at 80 °C .
  7. Now knead it again. If you want to you can now add chopped up nuts, dried fruit, dried tomatoes and basil, banana (but if you add banana, don’t use vegetable broth, use regular salt. But in this case it would be less salt, more sugar. 1:2 ratio).. whatever you want to. You can either make buns (And then maybe freeze some of them to always have homemade bread at home) or you can make one big bread.
  8. Bake it at 200 ° C for about 25-40 (buns) or 45-55 (bread) minutes.

Vegan Sushi

Welcome to my favorite meal!

Sushi can be filled with anything. My personal favorites are:

  • mango
  • avocado
  • vegan mayo
  • cucumber
  • fried tofu
  • bell pepper
  • sprouts
  • pumpkin
  • Teriyaki- sauce


Sushi – Rice iNstruction

  1. Rinse it with water several times.
  2. Put twice as much water than rice into a large pan.
  3. Bring it to a boil. Put a lid on the pan!
  4. Reduce the heat – the rice should now simmer on low temperature for 10-12 minutes. SET A TIMER!
  5. Keep the pan on the stove, but turn off the heat and DO NOT open the lid for another 20 – 25 minutes!! As longer as the rice can steam the better it gets!

Teriyaki – Sauce InGredients

  • soy sauce
  • agave syrup
  • ginger
  • garlic
  • olive oil


  1. Mix the soy sauce and the agave syrup. Mixing ratio: 1:1
  2. Add olive oil to the mixture. Mixing ratio: 2:1 ( soy-agave mixture: olive oil)
  3. Add also 1 clove of minced garlic and add a bit of fresh grated ginger.

All you have to do now is to spread the rice equally onto a nori sheet, put your ingredients on to it – and roll it. Store the finished Sushi rolls in the fridge, take them out one by one after you have finished to roll and cut them into pieces with a sharp knife.

Tip: hold your hands in water before rolling the sushi roll to prevent all the rice from sticking to your hands.

light summer salad


  • Chinese cabbage
  • almonds
  • tree nuts
  • cranberries
  • avocado or vegan feta cheese (greek cheese)
  • blueberries
  • chia seeds
  • hummus

I used the “violife greek white block”.


  • 1:1 –> soy sauce : agave syrup
  • 1:3 mustard (soy sauce, agave syrup: mustard)

Why dextrose isn’t the right snack for endurance athletes

True or false?

A. Endurance sports do not have any effects on the body, therefore no special measures are needed after the sport.

B. THE ultimate source of protein exists.

C. A hobby athlete doesn’t need protein shakes.

D. Athletes have an increased need for water.

E. An extremely carbohydrate-rich meal before an intensive workout is the best.

So what do you think? Which of these propositions are correct? Which ones are wrong?


A. False

During endurance sports, acids (lactic acid and carbonic acids) are increasingly formed. Measures should be taken after training to remove these acids from the body as quickly as possible. These measures help:
Relaxed and consciously slow breathing: helps to degrade carbonic acid, as it can be exhaled as carbon dioxide.
Alkaline baths and Alkaline mineral preparations: accelerate the process of removing the acids in the body.
Warm showering: supports sustained blood circulation and thus accelerates the removal of acids.
Sauna sessions: faster acid drainage, but liquid deficits must be compensated.
Sufficient sleep: to allow the organism to concentrate on the drainage of acids.

B. False

The ultimative protein source doesn’t exist. But to eat a variety of food and to combine different protein sources such as vegetables with grains, vegetables with nuts, vegetables with legumes is important to get all essential amino acids covered.

C. True

A hobby athlete does not need protein shakes because a healthy, varied and balanced diet normally provides him with sufficient proteins. To consume occasionally Protein shakes can be helpful in general low protein diets. But be aware: the conventional protein shakes contain synthetic sweeteners, emulsifiers often based on gene soya, artificial flavours, artificial colourings and citric acid. In addition, they are usually enriched with synthetic vitamins and minerals. This harms the body more than one could benefit from. However, a high-quality protein preparation that comes from a first-class source and gentle processing, such as rice protein from germinated and fermented whole grain rice, organic lupin protein, organic hemp protein, etc. could be beneficial. These powders are not isolated proteins, as is the case with ordinary protein shakes, but they also contain fibre and micronutrients and are free of synthetic additives.

D. True

Yes, athletes have an increased need for water. Because they lose a lot of body water through sweating. A loss of fluid of only 2 percent contributes to premature muscle fatigue and reduced performance. It is therefore important to drink plenty of water during and after exercise.

E. False

Extremely carbohydrate-rich food before intensive training is not advisable. The glycogen reserves are already exhausted after 2 hours of intensive training, so that an increase in performance, if at all, can only be of very short duration. It makes more sense to eat a varied and balanced dish (as described above) a few hours before exercise. The general carbohydrate demand should be covered with healthy carbohydrates such as millet, cereals, potatoes, root vegetables, etc. During training, it makes sense to maintain glycogen reserves with complex, long-chain carbohydrates. Complex carbohydrates are found in vegetables, fruits and nuts. It also makes sense to enrich your mineral balance with natural isotonic drinks (coconut water). It therefore makes no sense to maintain your carbohydrate store with dextrose, because the consumption of dextrose leads to fluctuations in blood sugar and thus to hypoglycaemic phases, which can lead to performance drops.

Motivation for your day

What do you want to achieve today? What do you want to have achieved in a month? In a year? For your life? Whatever it is you can achieve it – if you really really want to. I’ve read that 93 % of the people don’t achieve their goal. Doesn’t this make you want to achieve your goals even more?

The following quotes and speeches won’t do the work for you – but they might make you want to do the work it needs to achieve your goal.

“Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can.” – Arthur Ashe

“Don’t watch the clock; do what it does. Keep going.” – Sam Levenson

“Don’t limit your challenges. Challenge your limits”- Tony Robbins

“Things do not happen. Things are made to happen.” – John F. Kennedy

Sweet-Salty Popcorn

My newest addiction: sweet salty popcorn! Way back then people looked at me weird when I ordered half sweet, half salty popcorn in the cinema. But now, it’s all legitimate and the best thing is that I knew it all the time. – Sweet and salty popcorn is a delicacy.

In Switzerland the very best sweet salty popcorn is the “Zweifel popcorn sweet and salty”!! But some sneaky people go to the stores and buy it all leaving me with nothing! The only way to survive this is to make my very own sweet and salty popcorn.


  • Corn
  • Sugar
  • Salt
  • Oil


  1. Add the popcorn and the oil into a large pan with a lid.
  2. Heat the pan to a high temperature.
  3. Before it pops, add 2-3 tablespoons of sugar and stir it.
  4. Reduce the heat, wait until most of the corn has popped and shake the pan from time to time to prevent burning.
  5. Remove the pan from the stove, put all the popcorn into a large bowl and sprinkle salt over it.

I once also tried to make a caramel “syrup” and pour it over the popcorn but it turned out way too sticky. Also this way of making the popcorn is really fast. You just have to be careful that you don’t put the sugar in the pan to early, because otherwise it burns.

This popcorn is yum, but unfortunately it’s not as good as the bought Zweifel Popcorn. Their popcorn is crisp, deliciously sweet with a cheeky bit of salt, not too much, just the right amount. Also it’s not as unhealthy as it could be – it only has 4 ingredients (corn, sugar, oil, salt) so the secret must be in the preparation. Long story short: I want to eat all of it. I want to find a store and buy and eat it all. Bless you you beautiful popcorn.

PS: Isn’t it funny that there’s a corn.. it pops… it becomes a popcorn. #deep

make your own milk

There are a variety of different plant based milk out there. Most of them have been processed a lot and one can only guess how much or how little vitamins are left. So if you wanna be sure to have high quality vitamin and mineral rich milk – make your own!


  • water
  • organic nuts
  • dates
  • pinch of salt
  • vanilla

Every kind of nut works, but I prefer cashews and almonds. When you make the milk with cashews you don’t have to strain the milk after blending. Almonds on the other hand leave small chunks in the milk. That’s tasty too, but it’s not necessarily how you want your milk.

The ingredient-ratio depends on your desires. If you want a thick milk use less water and more nuts, if you want to have a sweet milk use more dates etc.


  1. Soak the nuts for at least 10 minutes in water (over night would be ideal).
  2. Mix all the ingredients with a high speed blender.