about me

Hey there. My name is Nina. 🙂

Since when do I follow a vegan diet?

Since 2016.

What does it mean to me to be vegan?

For me it feels like a never ending journey. Each day I learn something new, each day I want to try out something new. I love to watch how my environment changes and how  an increasing amount of people take more responsibility for our planet and all the living creatures. Within veganism I  also discovered a healthy diet that is good for my body and my soul. It feels good  not to eat anything that was born before and it feels also good not to eat anything that doesn’t belong to me. I’m proud to be vegan and I’m also proud at all the people who fight for justice, even though it’s not always easy.

How did I became vegan?

I was vegetarian for quite a while, mostly because I never really liked the taste of meat except when it was in a unrecognizable shape and texture. I loved ground meat, hamburger, chicken nuggets – well, as I said, all the processed meat. As a child I was already conscious about what I eat. But my knowledge was simple to ignore, because it’s easy when you eat a product, a meal and not a dead animal.  But as I got older I couldn’t ignore that fact anymore and I became a vegetarian. Veganism was a unkown concept to me and I also didn’t understand why consuming milk and eggs should be so bad. But with the time I learned new stuff. And it wasn’t anymore just about eating dead animals, it was also about how the living animals spend their short life. I devoted myself to the reasons of veganism and began to understand the complexity of the on going things. How does it come that we love some animals and eat the others? How does it come that we have that undeterred certain impression of how things are, while we ignore or simply not know the terrible things that are going on? I was disgusted about what I learned and it wasn’t a hard act to remove the animal products from my diet.

How have I  changed from the first few vegan months to now?

I dived in a whole new world with tons of fancy products that I had to taste immediatly! I went from one grocery store to another to find all the great replacement products, and I bought and ate them all! It didn’t take me long to find out that this kind of diet based on vanilla soy pudding and vegan cheese, wasn’t the healthiest way to eat. So once again I learned new stuff and adapted my diet. I now care a lot about micro and macro nutrients, about my acid-base balance and about clean eating (which means to eat fresh products, and none with preservatives and synthethic additives). I’m now also a certified holistic  nutritionist!