Stolen Lives

I just came across this AMAZING poem. I don’t even want to write a lot.. just read and let it work its magic on you. This is the every day happening sad truth. Thank you Amanda for writing such a meaningful, awareness spreading poem.


Babies in bloodbaths, traumatic blunt force,

innocent blood shed on cold cement floors.

Victims of torture and slaughter and rape,

stuck in a holocaust they can’t escape.

But this isn’t war and it’s not a fair fight,

no Trojan horse showing up in the night.

This is your cheesecake and tiramisu,

the sirloin you eat on holiday, too.

Nuggets, salmon, brisket, and ham,

turkey legs, chicken wings, loins of lamb.

Your cozy wool blanket and sheepskin rug,

the pigs feet you eat while petting your pug.

One life gets loved, another gets stabbed,

and one gets her milk drained out into a vat.

One gets his skin stripped from his bones,

and upholstered to sofas to decorate homes.

His baby is stolen, strung up by his feet,

and butchered apart for his young tender meat.

Mind your dollars and to whom they go,

how they are used best assure that you…

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