Something to think about

“If you believe animals matter morally but you are not vegan, you need to ask yourself why your conduct is not consistent with what you claim to believe.” – Gary L. Francione

And with this quote being said I want to introduce you to the world of morality. The reason why I’m a vegan now.

Most people have the following excuses for not being a vegan:

I really liked this comment from “Nell with an N”underneath the video above: “I have been vegetarian for a year and I thought I would crave meat, but please trust me when I say this, THE MORE YOU THINK ABOUT WHERE IT COMES FROM, THE MORE DISGUSTED YOU BECOME AT EATING IT.”

I think this sums things up really good. I really love(d) cheese. I still think the taste and smell of cheese are G R E A T. But the thought of purulent udders and the conditions in which the animals are forced to live in makes consuming milk and cheese disgusting for me. The cheaper the diary products the more it reminds me of the horrible conditions those animals have to suffer from in order for us humans to make money and to be cheaper than the competition.

So I really encourage you to watch the following video. Ed stands up for animal rights and does educational work referring veganism. In terms of morality and veganism he’s in my opinion one of the best youtuber. He makes various videos about veganism, about morality and shows us impressive street discussions about veganism with pedestrians (like the video above).

I don’t think veganism is about being perfect or being the most moral person ever. No, not at all. But I truly believe that it matters if all of us take the responsibility to our actions and make conscious decisions about our lifestyle. Ignoring facts is easy, ignoring feelings is easy, enjoying chicken nuggets is easy, but it’s not easy at all for a chicken to live all it’s life on a space as big as your hand, only to be killed and eaten a few months later.

I want to end this blog with the following question Ed mentioned in his speech:

“Are my taste buds more important than the life of an animal?”

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